How to Predict the Weather Using Nature

England's climate is characterized by rapidly changing, especially in the summer when the rain catches us by surprise and no umbrella. While take a shower is a relaxing experience, is best done with prior notice. Like the site do not always have the privilege of having technology help us to know what will the weather in the coming days (not counting gaffes meteorologists), here we offer a few basic tips on how simple and predict future climate changes using nothing more nor less than the elements of nature that surrounds us.

1 - Observe the patterns of clouds

Believe it or not, observing how clouds can tell us much about what kind of weather is coming.

The cirrus cloud type is one that gives the impression that someone had grabbed a cloud and had raked. Are broad and cover large portion of the sky. They appear in the form of strips and give the impression of a finiteness. Usually, this is indicative of high atmospheric pressure and a sustained climate without the threat of precipitation, ie do not worry!

Now, the sighting of cumulus clouds, is something that we should fear. These usually appear together and create the feeling of a cloud padded and inflated like a cotton candy in the sky or a good comfortable pillow. When large groups appear and appear well "charged", is usually indicative of a possible low pressure and precipitation.

2 - Use your nose

As nature is wiser than we need to pay attention to our surroundings. With the advent of rain, plants often respond by increasing their level of humidity. As a result, we will feel the characteristic "green smell" that we like the campsite. Only, instead of staying relaxed enjoying nature at its best, it is better to keep our valuables in the tent and then wait in the rain with no surprises.

3 - Pay attention to the weather

Many times, the fact enjoy camping activities fully, makes us forget some of the most important signs in avecinamiento a storm. This is why it is important to stay alert. By observing a significant increase in wind speed and a low temperature, it can mean a storm in the near future. It is likely that dark clouds and "loaded" invade the skies. So if the day starts quiet and warm but more towards the afternoon, the above happens, you should prepare.

4 - Observe the moon

If at night the moon appears as cover for a ring, becomes the famous phenomenon "Moon Water". This means that there is much moisture in the air, therefore, the possibility of rain tomorrow.

This is just basic information that a good camper should take into account when dealing with nature. These tips can be very useful in the campsite, and if not, to be always serve as an expert among our friends.

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