Best Camping Sites in Europe

The best camping sites in Europe - Camping is one of the best outdoor activities during these times. Of course choosing the right place is one of the most important things. Use these camps is an excellent choice for those who want to travel through Europe with a tight budget , while enjoying nature. Here I give you a list of some of the best camping spots across the continent:

Grosse Campingplatz Heide

In Germany there are a number of camps, most in excellent condition, surrounded by woods and places to explore, and lots of activities for all ages. Among the cities of Dortmund and Munster, is this fantastic camp. If you plan to visit any of these cities, do not miss the opportunity to spend a couple of nights at the Grosse Heide .

L'Estartit, Spain
Also known as Les Medes, or Costa Brava . Although the campsite is not as large, is still very peaceful and ideal for camping with the family. If you love the outdoors without leaving the privacy, this site is a great choice. There is a place near the beach, with fine sand and calm waters.

Le Vallon Rouge, France
This site is ideally located between the mountains and the sea. Here you can accommodate your shop or your camper in the shade and beautiful views. Also you have access to attractions such as the countryside, forests and beaches.

Balatonfured, Hungary
You'll love the variety of services offered in this place, making it a comfortable place to camp. Located on Lake Balaton, and of course you can enjoy a variety of water activities, plus hiking around, and for the lazy, there are swimming pools, bar and relaxation area and games within facilities camping.

Camping Rubina Resort in Empuriabrava, Spain
It has an incredible range of amenities and services such as kids club, playground, bungalows, pools, a beautiful beach where you can play beach volleyball, windsurfing, jogging, even have a restaurant, where the weakest can go for breakfast or lunch.

Have you ever camped in Europe? Would you recommend this experience?

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