What Tent Should I Buy ?

What tent should I buy?
When buying a tent we are raising many questions about that tent purchase . Everything depends on the outdoor activity to develop us to go. To give you a hand in the election are some tips to choose the one you know will give you satisfaction.

T here are several types of tent camping , and this is important when choosing. In the past almost every type tents were Canadian. but these tents are heavy and their use is discouraged. The tents are the most popular of igloo, whose support consists of two or more rods slipped cross folding and arched way to give height to the store and support the whole. The igloo tents are lighter than Canadian and more stable. The high mountain tents are a variety of igloo type, but their rods are larger in diameter than the common camping and generally intersect at several points. This gives greater strength and stability against wind or storms.

So ... what is the best suited to our needs? The ideal is igloo tents.

Generally, it is preferable to carry sleep tight tent heavy. Igloos come in different models, depending on how many people can sleep in them. Thus we have "igloos 2", "igloos 3" and 4. Eye! Manufacturers are like fishermen .... On April 1 comfortably sleep 3. In one of three secure fit 3 but no backpack ....

For a single person or a couple, an igloo for two is best. This will ideally stakes igloo metal (usually aluminum).

Ventilation is a factor to consider. The modern tents are almost always covered by a single mesh (breathable) that prevents condensation of warmth. This mesh allows free flow of air, and in warm weather prevents the horrible feeling of being part of a broth. In these tents the large impermeable barrier represents Flysheet. The good news is that in hot climates removed the Flysheet and ready. The tents themselves do not offer more or less protection against the cold. As can differentiate themselves is in their degree of ventilation, breathability, waterproofing and wind resistance.

Although we go to cold places recommended then a tent with good ventilation, because protection from the cold gives sleeping bag and tent.

Faced with the rain, the tents cubretechos modern withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 5,000 mm and factory sealed seams depending on the grade of the product and the type of tent.

Another important factor is the weight, and this also goes along the size of the tent. When you decide to purchase either evaluates how many people will sleep in the same as a couple who move a tent for 4 people will have to bear weight.

Length: tall people care, ask carp measures before buying. One of two meters is uncomfortable if we measure 1.97 meters. It is always more comfortable than on a little space.

Materials: nylon taffeta is used, which is lightweight and durable. He adds applied polyurethane (PU), and Flysheet the floor to increase the insulating quality, but not the inner tent as this would affect breathability.

On the colors of the bright tents are grounded if one is climber and can lead to need a bailout. Then with the contrasting colors of nature are welcome.

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