Ten Tips for Campers

Ten tips for campers, The camping is not an exact science. No laws or commandments. But some tips for campers can not ignore if we want the success of our trip.
Move to fresh air is a common activity for many, sporadic for others, and is a great adventure for some. For all of them, but especially for the latter, this paper is dedicated. The list is not intended to exhaust all that must be considered, because unlike who has a house on the beach where it goes every summer, campers who know that every place, every season, every trip is a different experience. However, some things can be transmitted as general advice, to help the success of the journey of the campers 

1) Carefully Plan 
An output of the nature can vary from two days to a month (or more for those who have more luck!), And like all our life activities, requires some planning. Although we like to improvise, and not know where the wind will take us at least have to have some idea of ​​basic things. For example, the number of days available and the places we want to visit, to make a balance between them. Also, how are we going to feed, and where we aprovisionaremos. It's very nice looking rain from the tent in front of a lake, but if the commissary nearest is 10 miles and I have nothing but grass for mate, it gets fulera. 

2) Select the transport and accommodation 
How am I going to move and where I sleep largely define the rest of the activities, equipment needed and costs. If my choice is the car I have a better chance of carrying. If the "finger", I have to consider that perhaps a day or two, with a path loss with thumb up. Campsites (whether commercial or wild) are usually the choice of the campers, and here too we must be careful. A shower in a hotel nailed me watching TV in the room ... the second day of rain in a campsite, know those traveling with small children that imagination and Nothing more. 

3) Make a budget 
Related to the above two points will be the cost of the trip. Money unfortunately is not a minor issue, and it depends in many cases we can. If you do not want to look at the half empty wallet trip, find out about the cost of transportation, accommodation, food and excursions is essential. And this, add an extra for contingencies. We bring zafar crafts or chocolates for the family, but not to fix the tent if we broke the first gale. 

4) Prepare the body and mind 
Although it sounds very "zen", not a junior counsel. Camping or living in nature exposes us to a different context, other challenges or problems, to live with people with rhythms, schedules and different customs, and things that we may not be accustomed. This requires patience, tolerance and understanding. This is in addition to sleep on the ground, cold, rain, walking, finger, wait collective bring backpacking, arm and disarm the tent, etc. are activities that require much physical effort. That can cause pain or discomfort in the unaccustomed, and also of course affect our mood and enjoyment of our departure. 

5) Condition the team 
Always, before departure to nature, we must check the general state of our stuff. Clothing, footwear, tent, backpack, sleeping bag and heaters or lanterns, if we use. Fix something in a camp is not as easy as at home, but with goodwill and support is easily solved. Doing it in the middle of a lake, or on a remote beach, is another matter. As always remember from this magazine, prevention is key. If we do not have the habit of checking the computer when we return from a trip, to fix or replace as needed, at least let's do it before leaving. This includes things borrowed, do not always know what state we facilitate them. 

6) Recognize the field 
In recent years, the growth in tourism has led certain minimum facilities and services to most of the country. Excursions, tours, rides and food are at the top of the offer that has been developed. But still, it is still common (more common than one would like) to find places that do not have ATMs, gas stations that run out of fuel several days a week, long stretches of roads where no stock up on gasoline or food, or places where there is no medical or pharmacy room. So we have to find out what services are available either in our destinations, so that a shortcoming or a mishap will not get in our plans. 

7) Report our whereabouts 
When we move through nature or in a non usual certain preventive behaviors increase, but others are relaxed. It is always important to tell at least one person where we'll be when we go hiking or walking, especially if we are alone or in small groups. The owner of the campsite, the tent neighbor, etc.. will be responsible to see that we do not schedule, and notify the person concerned in case something might have happen to us. Hundreds of lives have been saved by this simple practice, which is essential for rescue workers, law enforcement or family when meet an emergency. 

8) Maintain communication 
No way, even though we are great, Mom cares! Joking aside, explained and related to the previous point, it is good practice to maintain communication with someone "in civilization". The phrase "it was last seen in" is perhaps the end that no one would come. Without thinking about such contingency periodically call home or a friend, send an email or post something on a social network if we have access, are forms of "signs of life" and left alone to our loved ones (who can also doing so jealous with photos and comments of the places we are visiting!) 

9) Make a cult gauchada 
The "gauchos", as it is popularly known to help those in need, should be part of the religion of every camper. Living in nature allows us to recognize ourselves in a different environment, new partnerships, and draw from our inner things you might not know that they were there. It also means a much greater chance of eventualities or setbacks. Both things combined result in the need, in some cases, the help, advice or other's hand to overcome any setback. So nothing better than being in solidarity with those in need. The results can surprise us! 

10) Enjoy the journey! 
After much planning and preparation, we can be sure that we minimized the things that can go wrong, and we have prepared our body and mind to enjoy even the unexpected, which eventually become anecdotes desktop. Therefore, the only remaining board down a change, see the wonders that nature gives us, enjoy the company of loved ones or those who know the way, ignore the plight and accelerate. One vacationing no more if you live in a hurry, because time is not ours. So, enjoy the ride, live new experiences, that you are doing it, probably because he has won. 

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