Tips for Winter Camping

Camping is always exciting no matter the time of year where we are, but there is a tendency among people is to camper camping in the winter time. Some people have the theory that you should not travel much less camping in winter, but the truth is that you can do if we meet certain precautionary measures and take into account basic criteria during cold camp.

As a first approach, it is important to do what you do for all types of camping, a list of needs for the weather, clothes, lamps and other tools and accessories to protect us from the cold weather can be less than 0 °

It is important to note that we must be ventilated regardless of the weather, so sweat does not condense inside our clothes. Being that we will put more than one piece of clothing must take the necessary measures.

The use of heating or anything else to help us keep warm inside the tents, they should also deserve good preventive measures such as these are on solid ground and in places that do not cause danger.

When stock up for the trip, you should bring enough food as necessary for the days when you will be camping. Moreover, it is very important to bring food that can survive at low temperatures.

Usually there is always someone in the camp know about first aid, but we do not trust anyone and we have ourselves the basics of first aid, at least for cases of frostbite or other conditions that relate to Excess moisture and cold.

But first, it is vital that we verify the conditions of the place where we will put our campsite and put our tent in low-or no risk of accidents, remembering camping not far from the other fellow hikers.

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