Indispensable: Sleeping Bags

Today I speak especially to those who like to camp, or those who dare to go to a Safari trip , and always think of the faithful companion at night. In what we can sleep in an 'almost' right to continue the next day with our trip and well rested.

These are the sleeping bags. And it is the most practical for sleepovers. And I do not deny it!, I'm sure you on a trip has been one of these.

And it is in this era, where crowds of teenagers and adults because they also decide to travel, fully remote places unusual, completely isolated from society, which gives them more useful.

In the market, we have endless offerings in terms of designs, size and weight.

For example in terms of form, the type is Mummy are narrow in the toe area, the rectangular allowing greater mobility, the semi-rectangular model is intermediate between the mummy and rectangular type and finally the dockable possessing a closure system that facilitates binding of the two normal rectangular bags (ideal for those traveling on business).

Many times you doubt the materials, which would be better either to carry and use in summer or winter. One material is Nylon. This problem is sweat sticks to the skin causing a huge inconvenience as thought. The other material is cotton, which retains heat and absorbs the moisture generated by sweat.

On the other hand, if you're traveling to cooler climates and extremely cold, you should not wear synthetic sacks from cotton because it does not provide good protection. So look for another type of bag, if not by taking the motorhome or rent a hotel room.

The last option I have is the mattresses and cushions. And these are add to the bags, as they help to insulate the cold coming from the ground.

Among the types of mat are: the rubber foam with open pores, which absorb water significantly, the rubber foam closed pores, leaving the air trapped between the pores and the inflatable mattress is not a good insulator but is comfortable to wear and takes tiny space.

Several options are, and the last thing I recommend is that if you decide to travel please take a second of your sleeping bag. Well now you have no excuse to not have knowledge of what he would have done more for that trip. You have to have one thing in mind: the weather will have on the venue.

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