How to Sleep Better in the Campsite

How to sleep better in the campsite!
I chose one with synthetic filler. Though the down remains the best material for shelter, sleeping envelopes synthetic (polyester, hollowfiber, hollow fiber, etc..) Protect from moisture better, even when wet shelter, dry more faster and are cheaper.
Do not worry both absolute impermeability. From this condition will serve little as sleep perspiration vapor will condense, therefore, will wet the interior fact will result in the loss of insulating capacity.
If you use it in warm, chose one rectangular. Having no cords to adjust hood or neck end, heat filters through the wide opening which has, preventing hot flashes.
If you use it in cold areas, chose one type "mummy." How are equipped with hood, cord that adjusts the opening and closing around his neck to the side or on the chest, are those that retain heat better.
Takes a good insulator. Failure to use the envelope on a surface that separates the land, cold soil penetrate the body regardless of the quality of the fill is the best.
Forget insulate with foam. Occupies more place not only in the backpack, also compresses easily with body weight and moisture passes. The insulator surface should be smooth, but not slippery.
Wash them in the washing machine. Provided it is front loading and used special soaps soft schedules. Another option is to dip them in tubs.
Do not twist to dry. Neither hang on ropes: extendelos on networks and avoid stretching the fabric. No sleep envelopes must be kept moist. The wind and sun are the best allies of good drying.
Maintainer intact their insulating. Expose To do not smoke, soot (never dry in fires), soil, grease (never sleep naked), creams, repellents or any dirt adhering.
If your envelope is feathers, save it hung. And if possible, stretching to prevent the feathers are not crushed.
I hope these tips have helped and encouraged to share their opinion in the comments section!

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