Basic Tips for Camping

Every year my family and I go camping . We love camping so we started to prepare everything a week before our trip. Over the years we have learned some useful tips for camping .

Be sure to bring a first aid kit and other useful items to keep closed waste and choose the ideal and safest spot for your tent. The campsites are the ideal choice for those who do not want to spend much money, they go looking for peace and quiet or want to get in touch with nature. We present a series of basic tips very useful when camping. When placing the tent, clean stone ground and placed as a base sheet or any other vegetation to serve as a buffer. Opt for flat terrain and high in the open and away from rivers, cliffs and rocky mountains. See also the orientation of other tents already installed in order to know where the wind blows.

Before packing for the trip we make a list of everything we need. This way we do not forget something important. We have created a list that we use every year. We have seven categories in our checklist. These categories include:
1. Kitchen Items:
-Paper plates
-Plastic Utensils
-Soap dish washing
-Garbage bags
2. Food:

You can bring any type of food you want. Just make sure it is easy to make and easy to clean
3. Personal items:

-Toothpaste and toothbrush
-Toilet paper
4. A place to sleep:

- Tent
- Sack Domir
5. Medical supplies: First aid kit
6. Clothes:

-Pants / shorts
7. Miscellaneous:

I hope my checklist will be useful the next time you decide to go camping.
What do you think of these basic tips for camping? What other basic tips for camping would like to share?

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