8 Tips for Camping with Kids

Tips for Camping with Kids, The days are cooler and we can now start thinking about embarking on the adventure and camping with children, there are many beautiful places and if you are a first-in this, you can try to in your own backyard, will leave the routine and you will see miss this fun family experience.

You can start camping in your backyard. If you do not like battle, or is your first time camping in the backyard of your home, try to do all the normal activities of a camp for your children to live a fun adventure and different. Build a tent, Light a fire, Asa chocolates, has some stories to your children and teach them one of those games you played when you were little.

Find a National Park where camping. This option is for dads who enjoy adventure and outdoor activities. Fall is a great time because the nights are cool and well as landscapes with trees and leaves changing colors are beautiful, double check the services they offer, you can camp in a cabin with all the amenities, but you sure if camping in a tent outdoors, it is much more fun and exciting for children.

Bring food to eat and easy to prepare, think what they like children, bearing fruit, water, juice, milk, yogurt, some snacks. Do not forget the marshmallows are classic and the kids love it. Your children well hydrated during the day, do not forget some kitchen utensils, knives, plates, cups, spoons.

The basics. Better safe with children and although we should not exaggerate if you try to carry everything you need to spend some nice days. Do not forget: wipes and toilet paper, liquid antibacterial; Flashlight or, First Aid Kit (cotton, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, paste Lassar, medical tape), insect repellent, sunscreen.
For Camping it is best to bring your tent, sleeping bags, cooler. You can also keep some objects to do some activities with your children, eg sacks, to make a few runs, ball, dominoes, checkers, a book or some mind to tell stories in front of the fire, but you can always improvise.

Please do not leave your child which carries video games, maybe just for use on the road, as they arrive at their destination, but it's best to let them enjoy nature, Ah! And you too, set the example and forget to update your Facebook for a while eh?

You'll have plenty of opportunity to take pictures, do not forget your camera, the scenery as I say at this time are very nice, the faces of the children to see wild animals, impromptu situations, never missing and moments that you spent with your family or friends.
Kids will enjoy helping and experience, let me help you light the fire, practicing with the fishing pole and even cooking, everything can be done with due care.

Relax and let your kids enjoy and experience the adventure, sure that will play well with water, dirt and mud; Explain the precautions to take when they see an insect or animal unknown, also approached the water, if they are near a lake or river and not away from the family.

Finally remember to turn off the fire and pick up trash, if children help you and they see you doing it, they're also taught to care for the environment.

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