Camping Gear for Campers Preventers

Some prefer to go camping bit assortments of items (in this group I find myself), while others prefer to have all the comforts of everyday life (or even more) for not being able to have everything go smoothly and predicted. There are ways to live the campsite, both respectable and enjoyable in its own way.

Personally I am of those who believes that a tent, a sleeping bag warm and comfortable and a good backpack that allows us to bear what is necessary, are sufficient to pass a great camping trip and in touch with nature. But others are of the opposite opinion, and prefer to have everything on hand to not have to deal with contingencies.

And for the second group of people who should read this article which are some objects that can be quite useful to spend a camping trip with all expected and without encountering problems.

Perhaps this first artifact can not serve everyone, but certainly for that camper fan of gadgets and "all in one" this watch will be a bedside tool. The Timberland HT2 Outdoor Performance Watch is equipped with everything you need to not miss, it has hours of different time zones, alarm, Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer, barometer, altimeter, chronograph and tachometer. An all in one multifunctional and complete.

A second useful article falls into the category of luggage, but it saves us a lot of problems typical conventional luggage. I mean the space.'s a camp classic in every place profitable steal luggage inside the vehicle or tent, and this always causes discomfort. But the Yakima Far Out is a bag that can be placed on top of our car to save space. How could it be otherwise, this bag is resistant to all climates, and is extremely practical and functional. It costs $ 225, and can buy here .

Finally I present the Kelty Car Tarp , a good idea for extended travel. Imagine in those journeys lasting more than ten hours by car, which becomes a basic need to stretch your legs for a while. The Kelty Car Tarp allows us to exit the vehicle and have a picnic in the shade, it is attached to the roof of the car and rests on the floor, offering shade and coolness for just $ 100. Clicking here can purchase it for your next camping trip.

Maybe this seems too fitting, and may think that all this esengorroso to carry, especially the Kelty Car Trap. No need to worry, because besides being all simply transportable, for carrying much luggage can use a motorhome to solve logistical problems.

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