Camping History - Concept and Story

The "camping", story and concept, T he first manifestation of sportiness that had the " camping ", emerged in England in 1901 under the name of Association Of Cycle: This initiative was led by Mr.TH Holding. Years passed until recently that institution in 1906 was able to conduct its first camp of "camping" cyclist coinciding, also that year, with the founding of the company called "The Camping Club". A year later, the unforgettable Baden Powell, influenced by what is seen and read, makes the first camp boys. This gives rise to what would later be known as the "Scouting". This camp was not wearing sport itself but educational purposes, but for the global projection charged, can not be ruled importance and influence it had on the story path "Camping". The successes of existing camps, necessitated the creation of a Federation in England, to regulate and promote the nascent activity.

The following year, the "Camping" conquest adherents in every country in the world, until in 1932, takes place in the Netherlands, the creation of the International Federation "Camping" Clubs, and a year later, is performed in England, the first character Camp International. In North America, Spain and Italy, making large increase and starts spreading in all countries.

The original logo Camping Club. From the time when the club was in its best environment and before he changed his name Camping Caravaning Club.

What is camping?

We'll start by saying that this word is of English origin and, if we follow the definition of certain dictionaries, means "piggybacking our tent and other equipment necessary to make country life."

In this definition, we feel real campers, which is to add youth. The "camp" is a powerful medium for the formation of character and above all, cultural and moral education, since through the camps is appreciated at its true value, the moral goodness, we love the truth, it fosters solidarity and above all virtuous principles that raise the level of human improvement. The "camping" is also the basis for other sports, that without your help, could not be implemented. In the enabling environment to set aside prejudices to which we subjected the city and get in touch with nature, as a break to our concerns, work and studies.

The bivouac : "On the roof the stars"

From these remote ages that are lost in the darkness of time, it seems that always had the idea of ​​what we piggyback our tent and other equipment necessary for life and fed directly from nature, but with the evolution, the man went away from it. From that time the similarity of motives and modus operandi, plus methods give the impression to undergo the bivouac , which is facing the same thing.

In order to give a semblance of what is meant by bivouac, we will make a description. The bivouac is a conception of "Camping" primitive, the proof is lacking sporting purposes, with the same limited in practice, to avail ourselves of all the means that we find in the field to procure shelter and comfort, availing ourselves of branches, trunks , stones, rocks, etc., as the team that carries the blanket consists vivaqueador and utensillios essential for cooking. The vivaqueador also must possess a deep creative imagination to convert into useful materials find various scattered. Needless to say, you can bivouac long as weather conditions are stable because they are wrapped in a blanket to circumvent the night, and is native to say "by the star ceiling" but if that were adverse weather conditions The pass vivaqueadores bad time. In announcing briefly that means bivouac, and suggest some ideas about it, so we do not ignore them, and to be camping and environmental conditions so require, may happen to unforeseeable events, such as the blowing up a tent, as well, it often happens that, away from the camp, or simply extraviáramos us we were caught in a storm and we saw we needed to make determinations, nothing better in such cases, to remember the simple notions listed here.

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