How to Choose Stroller for Baby

How to choose stroller for baby, This is a question that I always hear: how to choose the stroller or what is the best stroller?
Quick question this difficult!
The stroller is the item's trousseau which causes more doubt, is also not less, is the most expensive item, and in the market there are hundreds of options.
In fact, the choice of the basket depends on the need of parents and their lifestyle. But even choosing well, most parents end up buying two strollers for baby, one more to complete the first year of life and a lighter and more practical for the following years.
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How to Choose Stroller for Baby ? To choose the type that is most appropriate for you, you should consider a few points:
  1. How old is the baby? Newborn or greater than one year?
  2. How much you wanna pay?
  3. You walk over by foot or by car?
  4. Want to walk or run with the baby in the stroller?
  5. Need a stand for regular land or not, like grass, dirt, etc?
  6. Has more small children? Whether brings them together in the same stroller or have a step (support where the other child will stand)?
  7. Your cart compatibility with the baby carrier? (Highly recommended for newborns).
  8. The steering bar adjusts the height?
  9. What is the size and weight of the cart? Do not forget to check and compare this information!
  10. It is easy to close and open? The ideal is to see in practice.
  11. The seat is reversible? Allows the baby to go looking for the mother and watching the street?
  12. The seat reclines well? 
  13. Has space underneath for bags / shopping? 
  14. It is easy to handle, turns well?
Answered all these questions, go to the types of strollers that we find in the market:
Here in the U.S., they divide stands in some categories, but this is not standard, varies from site to site to:
Standard / full size, travel system, umbrella, jogging, all terrain, double and lightweight.
In U.S.  the carts are divided into four types:
Traditional ride (umbrella), three wheelers / jogging and double.
I will divide the carts according to the categories :
How to Choose Stroller for Baby

Traditional: are the most complete and comfortable for the newborn. In the U.S., the categories within these stands are:
Full size strollers or Standard - great affection, giving enough comfort for the baby, usually serve several points of the questions above. The downside of them is that they take all your trunk.
Travel system - stroller that come with the baby carrier that attaches at the base and with a seat for babies maiorzinhos. Often, you can opt for a full size stroller and buy baby carrier (sometimes you need to buy the adapters) and they work as a travel system.

In my opinion, the ideal is to buy a basket of these and when the growing baby, about a year and a half, buy a stroller / umbrella.

Umbrella strollers - are the stands that close like umbrellas, very light and compact, but most models are not suitable for babies under one year, and another disadvantage is the small wheels that can 'shake up' too baby, depending Land where you walk.

All terrain - strollers with larger wheels that can be used in different terrains; especially suitable for those who walk long walk or sand, dirt road, grass, snow  ...

Three wheels / cooper:
Jogger - Strollers for those who enjoy playing sports, have three large wheels.
Buy only if you think it will really run with the baby in the stroller, the wheels are large and it takes up too much space. For hiking, a shopping traditional is enough.

Double or triple:
Double / Triple - for those who already have the other (s) child (ren) and want to put them sitting in the same cart, or twins. There are different models on the market: a seat beside the other, one behind the other seat, or under the other.

Lightweight - Some stores like Amazon and Babies "R" Us, for example, have the lightweight strollers on your list without a specific model, what they have in common is that they usually weigh less than 10 kg 
It is important to remember that there is no perfect stroller, and why there are so many options. Few carts fit into more than one category above. The important thing is to study well and choose a cart that brings together the best of their requirements.

Another thing that can help a lot at the time of purchase, is to watch videos and read the reviews (reviews) of the carts on the internet. The websites of the carts usually have videos.
For those who will buy cart here, a tip is the site Baby Gizmo has reviews and videos of various baby products and   reviews of Amazon , which usually help as well.
Another thing: talk to mothers who have the cart you want and if possible, take `the store and test your options Live!
Thank's for reading this articles How to choose the stroller for baby

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