Tips for Camping with Tents

Try to reach the camping day to examine the area and determine the most appropriate place to pitch the tent. Check around no sharp objects, anteaters, branches, etc. 

Observe the stores that are already installed and pay attention to the orientation of them to find out how to assemble your own and avoid problems with the wind. If you are camping in a cold climate area, orient the store so that the sun will directly hit well into the afternoon. 

If you want to sleep peacefully and quietly not camp near the toilets or the bar to avoid the transfer characteristic of those who visit. 
Discard the lower areas because they are the first to drown in the rain. 
If you like camping near sea note that while it is closest to the higher incidence of the wind and to withstand temperature changes. 
Do not camp near the banks of rivers by low the flow, since floods are dangerous. 
Remember that not all shades are equal. The best and most durable are provided by trees and dense canopy heights 

If camping with young children make sure the campground have a minimum of sports facilities, game rooms, pool, and entertainment activities and free time. 

Pay special attention to price according to age, as a general rule campsites are free for children under three years, with discounts for children under 10. 

Do not take unnecessary risks and avoid plots near the pool and sea. 

Remember that the summer resort is an unknown for children, so special care must be taken so as not to lose. Scroll facilities with them, teach them to orient themselves and identify potential risks. 

Make sure your children do not stray surveillance never elders. It is advisable to bring with them some identification with your name and phone. 

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