How to Prepare a Camping

How to prepare a camping ? If you're starting to get him the bug to the world of mountain and want to find out the nature, we need to know everything about how to make a camp. A weekend of camping will help you clear your mind and get away from the everyday noise of the city. To learn how to do it right is necessary to take into account:

The place: This must offer security in every possible way, as being near a wooded area will give us greater protection in case of rain. It would also be advisable to have resources like springs near water and should be neither so close and so far away from emergency centers or the general population, as in a case of necessity can be heard and assisted by anyone, more easily . Remember the advice that a case of storm and lightning, you must not be under a tree. That has to be clear.

Our backpack and luggage: Must be made ​​of a material resistant to safely store all our belongings and must have a definite shape to destabilize us not to walk. Its weight must not exceed 15% of our body weight as we carry it easily. It is advisable to make a list and put only the most useful and vital for the trip. There is need for a mat to keep us off the ground at bedtime and check that sleeping bags are neither as hot nor as cold depending on the time of year you travel.

The tent: Must be installed on flat land that is only slightly elevated. Thus, if it rains, the water welled up and as a bonus would be appropriate to prevent small ditches or small gutters around our shop. The store must be mounted either tightly, carefully counting the number of pegs are used to secure it. If we know that it will rain, it would be best just slightly loosen the strings of the store so that in this way the water will not leak or have even the ceiling of our shop. 
Food: We will carry only containers and pans necessary, ie only one dish and associated, can opener, knife, fork and spoon, plus canteen. It is important to remember that the containers used should not be washed with soap and much less, because in this way the water is contaminated. So we just rinse and wash them when we are in a convenient place. On the subject of food, it is important to bring canned food and easy to prepare and make a list before you leave home with meals and servings needed for each meal, not to mention not carry enough water to dehydrated.

Other Important to remember is that it is vital to carry a basic first aid kit in case of emergency and also remember that you must make bonfires, it is best if it is necessary to carry a small gas stove in which we cook our food or drinkable water.

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