Safe Camping Tips

Safe Camping Tips, If it is not in their plans to go camping for fear of the unexpected, leave aside that fear, because simply being proactive, be prepared against any harshness that nature offers. No need to be an expert camper to have everything under control.

For camping must be well prepared, loaded with necessary items and prevent risks. Never forget tent, sleeping bags, water, food and tools such as flashlights and other items that might be useful.

To choose where to place your tent looking for a semi-open site, since trees will protect you from the wind. Point it well and put their backpacks in weight and to prevent this from happening; around your shop make a pit species leading to a river or lower ground, thus prevent flooding.

Never place food inside the tents or in the open, as this will attract animals, put it in the car or in a cooler perfectly closed. With respect to water, find a place where the water is not stagnant, never drink from a place where the water is in this condition and carry iodine or if you prefer desinfectarle boil.

To make your campfire, not look rotten wood or wood that is green, it will not help, you can use the white wood and dark wood for burning embers of good quality and excellent, respectively. Dig a latrine waste, at a considerable distance from the camp, for reasons of hygiene, and take the ashes of his campfire in this, to avoid flies. Always turn off the fire with water and prevent forest fires.

Indispensable tools consist of any camper what use on your trip, such as toilet paper, flashlight with extra batteries, GPS and maps of the region, a utility knife, insect repellent, sunscreen, blankets, raincoats and a first aid kit so you can raise up antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, antihistamines, bandages etc. ..

If children will not forget intensive care, so care must be assigned to each child than an adult, so keep them protected. Use these simple tips and you will see as you will have a pleasant experience with nature.

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  1. Camping is a fantastic way to get outdoors and experience nature up close. Choosing the right campsite or campground and having the correct equipment and food makes all the difference in the world when camping. Plan your camping trip ahead of time, and double check your equipment and food lists to ensure that you have everything you need.

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