Baby Sleeping Bag Camping

Surprisingly, your baby catch cold by uncovering in the middle of the night is a solvable problem. With camping sleeping bags for babies, you can give your baby all the laps you want in the crib without uncovering or catch cold.

In recent years, baby sleeping bags have become very popular as they are most useful, are not just for babies not be cold when we go camping, but also valid for the crib. You can use the sleeping bags for babies like sheets or blankets, allowing your little one to have full mobility.


Sleeping bags for babies avoid having to use blankets and sheets, as they can be a potential hazard if the baby becomes entangled in them. So calm your baby and you will sleep well.
There are many designs of baby sleeping bags, you sure do not want to have just one. When you go for a walk down the street with your baby, you'll love having several spare sleeping bags for babies, so you can brag about bedding in the street. In addition, baby sleeping bags are small, easy to carry and even folding.

What precautions you should take when choosing your baby sleeping bags camping?

Babies do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, and is often wake up sweating from the tummy, back or neck. So be careful with buying any type of sleeping bags for babies. Most normal sheets or blankets make your baby sweat too. A perfect alternative to blankets are sleeping bags. The material they are made ​​of baby sleeping bags will make your little sleep warm and comfortable without spending neither hot nor cold.
When choosing baby sleeping bags, note the qualification "tog". The "tog" means the degree of warmth sac. A tog between 0.5 and 1.0 means that the bag is perfect for baby not pass heat in summer. A 2.5 tog is perfect if you foresee that the winter will be cold. If you have sleeping bags for babies with an index greater than 2.5, then the bag is very warm. The sleeping bags tog with a greater than 2.5, are recommended for very cold environments. Totally rejects polyester bags as much retained moisture and heat. Ideally, the room temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees.

There are a wide variety of sleeping bags for babies. They come with many designs for different seasons, in different sizes and even extensible, being worth to follow you when your baby grows. They are also very easy to find baby clothing stores, hypermarkets and of course online. 

Product Recommendations

Phil and Ted's Baby Sleeping Bag in Navy
baby sleeping bag camping
Product Dimensions: 50.2 x 23 x 41 inches ; 1.1 pounds

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Sleeping bags for babies-Size is important

Do not make the mistake of buying sleeping bags for babies one size too, this could cause choking if entangled in the bag. Make sure that when the baby moves in the cradle, the bag does not "dance" or face shield. Do not cover the baby's head and put a blanket over him. The bag should be the only items that have in the crib. This prevents all dangers. In addition, baby sleeping bags are prepared for no more than put up any clothes.
There are scientific studies that show that most kids have better quality sleep when they sleep in sleeping bags for babies with blankets or sheets, because they feel more comfortable and protected.

Phil & Ted's Snuggle & Snooze Sleeping Bag - Foot Muff

SPECIFICATIONS: Universal Fit Machine Wash Do not iron Dimensions: 49 x 6 x 96 cm / 19.2" x 2" x 37" Product Weight: 0.64 kg / 1.4 lbs Fabric: Fleece, polyester

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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag

100% Cotton
2 layers of dreamy cotton, perfect for air conditioned homes or warmer winter nurseries
Soft as your favorite tee
Easy shoulder snaps
High quality oversized zipper
Fits baby from 6-18 months

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Now you know the most important thing about sleeping bags for babies and you do an excellent buy.

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  4. Hey nice post its very good for us. I am furious traveler around the world My 5 years kids sometime with me but i can not find a best sleeping bag for him so can you recommend some sleeping bag.

  5. Baby deedeeh sleeping bags (specially 2.5 TOG) are the best in the lot. I've been using the same since last year and never found her hot or cold. She seems nice and sleep well in it. We always carry it to the camping sites. Very handy with sturdy material. Highly recommended.