Tips for Camping in the Rain

Tips for Camping in the Rain, It is about the season in which the odds of encountering bad weather-rain-rise, for those who do not want to see its output interrupted camping for this reason, we share with you some tips and advice when it is not a Option ...

Avoid camping under trees. While far better, especially in days of thunderstorm. Avoid in this way that one can fall into your tent, while avoiding being away from wild animals that can live in it as much as you can loosen the sap the tree.
Make sure not to support anything on the walls of your tent. Both your body and any object could generate, at rest on one of the walls of the tent, standing water, which will result in filtering is completed. Always remember that most of the tents are water resistant, but not waterproof, just what is the cover-ceiling. Do not forget the tent dry thoroughly before storing, this will help to keep it in top condition for your next camp.
Always carry a tarp. Addition, roof covers, never a bad idea to bring a tarp, with it you can create a space outside of your tent with multiple uses, including cooking or space to give shade for recreation. For the kitchen area, but it is raining you can still use it to avoid cooking or eating inside the tent. Always remember to put the canvas in a way that does not allow water to accumulate in the center of it, as the weight it has, can cause it to break.
Dig a ditch around your tent. Could not conclude this article without the most recognized techniques to prevent rain, and is most famous for its effectiveness. The idea is to dig a channel of about 20cm. wide by 20cm. depth around your tent, this will cause water to accumulate there, preventing the base of your tent wet.

We hope these tips have helped you and that water does not end with your camping!

We invite you to comment and you add those you feel are necessary and are not on our list! 

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