Preparing for Mountain Backpack

Preparing for Mountain Backpack, For your next trip to the mountain safely and activities planned, perhaps some trekking or cycling in a mountain, thought and where it will go, how many miles will go ... But first of all you must choose what to wear in the backpack, a task that for many may be a difficult activity.

The first thing to consider is how many days you will take your adventure to choose the right size of the backpack, always taking into account that the greater the number of days your backpack should provide more space for a hydration system. Another thing you can not overlook is the structure of your backpack ergonomic science has done wonders. If you are a girl, choose a backpack that fits your spathe and hips, however if you are a gentleman choose a backpack that fits your back. Never forget that a good comfortable backpack straps possess and distribute the weight between the shoulders and legs, reloading this mostly in the past.

To continue, you must choose what to carry in your backpack according to the number of days to go. Set aside items that will be helpful in your journey and consider everything that can serve to aid in an emergency. The first thing to consider is a hydration system and food from 55 to 65 liters for two days or more and 15 to 30 liters for short excursions. As for food, forget all that perishable food in a short time, bring energy bars, fruit, nuts and isotonic drinks.

The location of objects within your backpack is critical because it will save time and improve the quality of your trip, in the bottom place your sleeping bag, then use it to end, immediately followed by heavy elements and subsequently light elements. At the top always place the food, because often need outside pockets and place personal items like razors, GPS, maps, camera. Also, do not forget plastic bags to place anything that can get wet. This prevents wet the rest of their belongings, and spare shoes so your feet do not freeze.

Remember the most important thing to bring is an adventurous spirit.

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