Tips for Camping in the Snow

Tips for Camping in the Snow - Obviously the climate is changing and in some places and is reaching the much longed for warmth in other cold is coming. This is an entry for those already suffering from the cold, or for that while they are enjoying the heat and miss the coldest days and want to be prepared.

Camping in colder climates is challenging, but if we have the proper equipment and preparation can enjoy the coldest nights without problems.

Here's a list of seven items that you can not miss:

* A special sleeping bag for cold. The time to sleep in the cold is one of the most difficult adventure. It is therefore important to have a quality sleeping bag. Temperatures say resist sleeping bags usually are approximations, so it is best to choose from when you decide on the one that says a lower temperature than you expect for your trip.

* A tent to "test everything." After resolving the issue of the sleeping bag, the theme of the tent is next. The tents are not all alike, one of the differences between a tent for summer and one for winter is the winter have less ventilation. The expedition tents are generally more resistant materials.

* A coat. If you have the right tent and sleeping bag indicated, what you're missing is the perfect coat. It is best to choose one big enough and warm enough to cover you all, but also give you some mobility.

* Backpack. This has to be enrome. The amount of clothing that you use when you go in summer seems a trifle compared with all the clothes you're going to have to load in winter. Not only that clothing is more, it also is thicker and therefore occupies more space.

* Kitchen. The summer camp stove will not serve you. You need a very powerful, able to heat your food in colder situations.

* A thermal bottle. When will you be in freezing temperatures corresponding risk that your water from freezing, so I better be isolated.

* Lots of butter. One tablespoon of butter in all your meals will keep you warm. The calories and fat from butter is exactly what your body needs to stay warm during the day and night.

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