The keys to choose the perfect stroller

The stroller is one of the first things we think of when we have to arm baby layette. With so many options which we consider to choose the perfect stroller?

With so many options and models, choose the stroller can become an ordeal. As it is one of the things that the child used intensively to 3 years or more, when you can and walk longer distances, it is important to find the model that will be practical and comfortable, depending on your lifestyle. 

Most wanted baby strollers. Update 2015

I think it was high time to update the list of most wanted baby strollers. Over a year ago last updated and the latest articles and I was a little lost without knowing that stroller analyzed.

As I explained in previous listings, for establishing the list I rely searches that receives google in, I think a very reliable data because we can not deny it, today is the king of search engines and will remain in long time. In this case I wanted to go a little further and I analyzed the trend of search which has allowed me to discover some interesting facts that I detail below.
Before you choose should answer these questions as a guide:

What is the width of the elevator of my house?
How long is the trunk?
How are the streets of the neighborhood? Is there room to comfortably move?
What is the carriage most I will use to move with my baby? (Bus, subway, car ...)
How much and how we will use the stroller? Why walk far or for short distances?

Why is not the same a stroller "road" for long walks in the city that one to get us out of trouble over short distances. 

If the plan is to move with baby walking or public transportation is best to think of a tough choice, while light and not too large, you pass through the gates, you can easily manoeuvrable and easy to open and close, thinking that we will have a hand busy raising a baby. 

If, however, the idea is to use it for short distances, we can choose a more basic option that takes us out of trouble. Or, if you usually move much in auto, choose an option huevito included. 

The important thing is to choose a stroller that suits our lifestyle without hampering it, keeping in mind that meets all safety conditions and is suitable for the baby's age. 

Important: If the baby can not hold her head constantly, must ride in a stroller with a seat that reclines flat (180) or almost flat position or in a chair car to fit the stroller, because I carry it in position vertical, head falling forward and difficult breathing.

Types of Strollers

Car cradle: Intended for newborns, usually one of the older ones and heavy models for their ability to become a cradle to recline to 180 degrees and convenience provided with extra padding for baby goes well comfortable.

Depending on the model, with folding handlebars, so baby go looking forwards or the person pushing the stroller. 

In this case you should consider using it will be given, because cars are usually rather large, with a weight that can go from 6-10 kilos or more, depending on the model.

Ultralight strollers: The main features of these models are their low weight, which does not usually exceed 6 kilos, easy to open and close and compact folding. 

There are models with multiple reclining positions (suitable for newborns) and front tray or barral; and other simpler, of a position or that not much rest, no front barral and usually for babies over six months, which may already be seated. 

Some moms choose simple baby stroller, where the baby is sitting upright or reclining position just as an option when are larger or for travel, since being compact and lightweight do not occupy much space in the trunk and can move without major hassles.

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