6 The Best Baby Stroller for Jogging

Find the Best Baby Stroller for Jogging / Running. Currently many women go out to run on a regular basis and do not want to leave this healthy physical activity after having a baby. Above all, these athletes last quarantined moms are looking forward to their previous lifestyle and to regain pre-pregnancy fitness . Precisely for all those mothers (and fathers) runners are designed these sporty strollers, adapted and fully secure so you can run with your baby.

Today there is little carts offer sports in our country. However, due to the rise of running and if you look to the US market which is the main supplier of this type of strollers with prestigious brands such as BOB or Baby Jogger, it is likely that in a short time the offer is extended with new models like the just introduced the Dutch company Bugaboo .

What should you consider when buying a sports basket / stroller for jogging or running ?
When you go to choose a stroller for jogging or running, make sure you have three wheels and is SUV, both features together with good suspension, they will provide an enormous mobility and a smooth ride. In addition, the lighter should be better to push it with ease. Almost all sports carts are made of aluminum for the same reason.
On the issue of safety, it is desirable that has a restraining harness with several points or anchors (five would be ideal), a braking system on the handlebars and if further includes rear brake, better parking. Other important aspects and consider are: protective Bubble to wind and rain, a reflective element for those days when lighting conditions are poor and drum brakes on the wheels.
This article is dedicated to all those women who become mothers before and enjoyed the running and want to continue doing so, with the only difference that will now accompanied by his son, pushing a sporting cart.

6 The Best Baby Stroller for Jogging

Baby Jogger Summit X3
The American company Baby Jogger Summit stroller sells this award winning X3, an SUV that ensures optimum performance in both city and stony surfaces and mountainous terrain. Any mother or father who wants to enjoy jogging or running with your baby can do it with comfort and ease with this sporty cart.
The Baby Jogger Summit X3 supports up to 34 kilograms thanks to its robust chassis, it comes equipped with independent suspension on all wheels and carries implemented a system with remote locking the position of the front wheel. Two rear wheels 16 "incorporate drum brakes, while the front wheel is 12". F reno also has rear parking.
This versatile cart sport has a reclining padded seat that can reach an almost flat position, has an ergonomically designed handle and smooth handle. Its interior is quite spacious and very easy to fold.

You can buy the sport stroller here  >>>  Baby Jogger Summit X3

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

This 3-terrain stroller wheels BOB American brand is designed for moms and dads can run with your child from the moment they are born, both asphalt and forest trails or tracks.

The sporty cart BOB Sport Utility Stroller supports a maximum of 17 kilograms, has adjustable suspension, multi-position canopy with window and storage basket with various pockets. In addition, it comes equipped with a safety belt five points for the child. Currently available in a combination of gray and sky blue or orange and gray.

You can buy the sport stroller here >>  BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Bugaboo Runner

The prestigious Dutch company, maker of strollers and other mobility products, recently introduced the Bugaboo Runner , a base or independent chassis that fits any current model bygone cart and some of the European company ( available on the website ) so you can go to practice running with your child / y from 9 months.

Its three large air filled tires and suspension system pioneered to absorb bumps ensure a smooth ride. The brakes to stop the stroller or reduce speed are driven only by pressing any of the handlebar. With its easy folding and unfolding, this cart is ideal for transporting in the car or home store.

You can buy here >>> Bugaboo Bee3 Base Stroller, Aluminum

Joovy Zoom 360

The Joovy Zoom 360 is a sports basket which is made ​​of aluminum to give it an incredible lightness when run with your children. Its magnificent adjustable suspension is able to minimize the bumps you can find along the way, offering a comfortable and smooth ride.

His hood is extra sunscreen has a neoprene bag with various pockets and compartments easily accessible, a basket of major proportions for storage and a dual cupholders. As in the previous model, the front wheel is rotating 360 degrees to promote maneuverability, but you can lock in the time you opt for running.

You can buy the sporting cart here >>>  Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller, Blue

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Phantom

This stroller Baby Trend brand has two large rear wheels and a front smaller so you can run or jog with your baby almost effortless for any type of surface. Its front wheel is rotating in order to facilitate maneuvers but has the lock option for when you want to practice running out.

The Baby Trend Expedition Sport Jogger cart Phantom supports a maximum weight of 22 kilos and is equipped with reflectors in the footrest to provide greater visibility when light conditions are poor.

This stroller lightweight design and excellent construction, has a pretty reclining padded seat, 5-point harness safety and generously sized basket for storing objects.

You can purchase the sporting cart here >> Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

Lightweight and aggressive again, so this stroller BOB Ironman Duallie designed to run on any surface with your twins or twins. A sporty stroller with two seats and SUV that was selected at the time Ironman triathlon official chair.

The upper canopy helps protect your baby from the elements and the large window lets you control them at all times. Regarding your slides, has four interior mesh pockets on the seats, two large pockets on the rear of the backrest and a basket on the bottom.

Handbrake has an optimal suspension system and a couple of very padded seats, adjustable 5-point harness and reclining to ensure the comfort of your babies. It has a simple structure folded in just two steps.

You can buy here >>> BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

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