5 Keys to Camp in the Desert

How to stay safe and healthy in a dry and changing climate. If you're the type of person who plans activities in advance, the winter is the perfect time for solitude and quiet you can find camping in the wilderness. If you choose this option, you must make some extra preparation and special precautions are necessary. Consider these five tips, should I buy travel insurance?

Plan ahead and enjoy the solitude and tranquility featuring a desert camp -.

1. Duplicate water consumption
The arid climate requires constant hydration. Even when the weather is warm, you will need more water than it consumes in humid climates. And do not think you can simply purifying freshwater springs and streams because they may be far away. The rule of thumb is to calculate a person one gallon per day will be taken. However, as a precaution, you will need to bring at least double that amount.

2. Be prepared for cold nights
Although the weather conditions pose a sunny skies and pleasant temperatures in the day, the few hours of daylight and thin air counteract this in a blink of an eye after sunset. Bring warm clothes, as clothes that can go getting, hats that cover the ears and thick gloves or mittens. Perhaps not get to use this extra clothes, but be thankful of having packed when the winds begin to blow intensity.

3. Do not waste
The desert ecosystem is much more fragile than most other environments; climate processes drastically slows decomposition. You have to collect and carry them all rubbish and debris after camping in the desert. For more information, visit the nonprofit organization Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (Centro "Let everything clean" for ethical behavior outdoor) (in English).

4. Do not take your dog
Although you may enjoy the fact go camping with their pets, the desert is not a good place for dogs. The plants have thorns; abound coyotes and other predators; and trails are usually unsuitable for these comrades. Make it a favor to his best friend and let someone who can care for.

5. Bring a telescope
In the open spaces of the desert completely natural light, , almost no light pollution, then take for stargazing after dark. You can see the Milky Way in the early morning or falling stars if applicable. It will be worth it to set the alarm at three in the morning.

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