Tent Care Cleaning and Maintenance

Tent Care Cleaning and Maintenance. We all want our beloved tent last a long time and it's good to have some precautions in mind:

* Use nylon or canvas under the tent to protect the floor stones, thorns, humidity, etc..
* Try to get dirty in as little as possible, take the apse to remove or change shoes before entering.
* When you leave the tent clean the inside with a soft brush or shake to remove soil or rocks, do not use the broom as it can scratch the floor.

* Do not wash the tent fabric, because it can damage the waterproofing treatment you have. After this dries, if there is an attempt to clean the soiled area with a soft brush, if not just use water, mild soap (black soap) and a soft sponge to clean the area.

* After cleaning use waterproofing products applied on the web, you can get it at home camping, look for a suitable tent.

* Never store tent when wet. If you have to do it because there is no time and had to move, because he can open the hood, good ventilation and allow to dry (moisture causes fungus).

* If the fabric has a small tear or rip you can fix it with adhesive tape fabric for tent repairs.

* If you see condensation while inside, open the tent to be ventilated at least a few minutes.

* Do not cook in your tent unless you have no other choice, make apse for this (or smoke).

* If the carp gun under the tree, check that no rainfly rubbing branches or branches with the possibility of falling.

* Clean the pins, rods and studs before putting notes that they are dry and without dirt or sand.

* When assembling the tent, find a piece of land surface and clean it before. Observe which way the wind and assemble the tent back into the wind. Do not assemble the tent near the toilet or fire.

* Leave the tent during the day do not forget to leave at least a net closed to keep out insects.

Tent Care Cleaning and Maintenance

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