Ideas for Family Camping

If you are looking to share time with family but are not a large outlay, the option of going to a camping or camping in the great outdoors can be an economic proposition, besides enriching. 's pegs or stakes for tent or tent

The two big reasons to nail down your store is: prevent with the wind and ensure no rain touch. The double top is designed to keep water when it nailed down.

If the location for camping is big enough to take a margin check is anchored to the ground well before planting your store, especially if it's not igloo. If the pegs or stakes not easily penetrate the ground, with a stone clávalas or change out of place.

Bring different kinds of stakes, thus no good if you can try another. The thin stakes or pegs manufacturers include generally work well in some rocky terrain where sometimes accuracy is more effective than force. Enter a stake or peg thicker and stiffer may be impossible.

If it is impossible to nail due to a hard floor, try the alternative air as rocks and branches. Take stringline, lanyard or sling to extend the winds so that it can be attached to something solid.

If you can drive a stake and there is something close to it, improvise a sack or bag filled with sand or stones, tie the end of the wind at the mouth of the sack. The snow pegs are wider and flat. If you do not use ski poles or ice axes, or a sack full of snow or bag and bury.

The fact that the air is calm when you install your store does not guarantee that it will not get up a storm in the middle of the night. Ensures your store best and will avoid getting up and out into the cold.

Use a blanket or thick plastic aluminized and measured under the tent. This double floor gets under the tent, not in it, since the primary mission is to avoid cuts from stones and roots. If the floor is more than double the store, fold the excess and tuck it under the tent. If you do the double floor and accumulate collect water when it rains.

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What Kind of Camping Do You Want To Do? 
Day hiking 
RV camping 
Backpacking camping 
Tent camping 
Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall 
Summer camping 
Winter camping 
Fall camping 
Spring camping 
How to pick the best tent 
How to pick the best backpack 
How to pick the best sleeping bag 
Dressing for the weather 
The Materials 
Nylon or Polyester? 
Keeping you warm 
Campfires and setting up camp 
All About Gourmet Camping Food 
Fun Activities While Camping 
Play it Safe - Packing a First Aid Kit 
Staying in Touch 
Getting There Can Be Fun - Keeping Kids Happy 
Destination Suggestions 
10 Fun Things for Kids To Do 
What About Fido? 

And boredom ...

If you like reading, opt for cheap books. Divide the book into parts, takes what you think you read. Give the parties and read to your hiking companion. Read aloud so you'll spend less batteries and takes twice as long doing the story last longer. It's interesting to read a book about the region or area you visit.

The last part of the maps or guides speak of the natural history, geology, flora and fauna of the ground you walk on.

Take a small book with the bird species in the area and learn to identify them.

Look at the stars in the night sky. In the darker areas are best. You can see the Milky Way, constellations, shooting stars. There Planispheres to help you identify constellations do not know. Start with the Big Dipper, the Southern Cross, the stars most useful for any hiker.

A plant guide will help you identify flowers, leaves and trees. Use a camera to photograph a newly opened leaf or the details of a mountain flower, but mostly learn to observe. And the inevitable cards because although this only exists alone.

Cooking with bad weather

Do not cook inside the tent. They can produce holes, flares, fire and suffocation. Turn on the stove (cooker) outside the store and once it is ready in the lobby.

When it rains choose the simplest meal.

Prepare everything before turning on the stove, so you spent less fuel and spent less time outside. Sleep with your fuel it will improve performance because butane may not work at temperatures below 0 ° C.

To reduce the impact to wash the dishes, do not wash directly into streams, clean them and throw water more than 50 meters of the water channel. So you can seep through the soil, remember that ecosystems are fragile.

Camping in the rain.

Make sure your bag stays covered while lifting the store, use your rain cover. If you are the kind that make your backpack with loose equipment everywhere, survival blanket used to protect your computer while riding the store. When the store this up,

Check the installation of the double floor after lifting the shop to check that it does not protrude. Ill post a double bottom can be filled with water under your tent.

Most leaks in stores not due to leaks, just poorly armed. The winds not only set the store, also stretch the fabric store to drain properly. As this raised the store takes the insulating mat gets inside you sleeping bag, but it serves its waterproof bag as you are wearing wet clothes. Until you get her out, let the sleeping bag on the side where it can not get damaged or wet.

Garbage bags

Cover the inside of your bag with a trash bag.

Use a garbage bag to make a floor at the entrance of your store in the lobby, and partly keep away the mud and water to your computer.

If it's so cold you have to sleep with my boots on, place them in a bag for trash.

Use the garbage bag as extra layer of clothing. Put a by opening holes for head and arms.

Use a garbage bag to collect snow for drinking water then derretirás.

Your team has a lot of slide fasteners (zippers). Place him at the tabs on the zippers leather handles, tape or stringline (sling). Help you open the zippers with gloves.

A hat is the closest thing to a thermostat. If you do not wear, if it is unforgivable, wrap yourself head and neck with a garment parts. When it comes to keeping the body warm, have covered the head and neck is more useful.

If you have not used your socks gloves.

If you are sleeping in a shelter or cabin and you're cold, mounted inside the store and get a few degrees more temperature.

This may be a very attractive offer, since not only disconnects from everyday life, but also can meet other people and enjoy the services normally provided as a pool, tennis court, recreation room, bar, supermarket ... Also there different accommodation options, including:

• Bungalows:  interesting especially in cold seasons and especially for those who want the experience of being in a campground without losing a number of amenities. Currently almost all these places are like 
small apartments.

• Camping:  if in addition to not lose all the comforts you want grasp the theme of transport, carrying a house on wheels is the best suited option. These vehicles consist even shower, kitchen, fridge ... along with a number of elements that, if you do not mind driving, it can also be the most economical way to travel.

Tent:  a fun experience, especially for children, in which you can take to enjoy the outdoors for minimum costs.

Whether in the mountains, in the mountains or in a natural space for free camping is a challenge. It is therefore essential to take into account a number of recommendations:

• In cold weather it is vital to drink lots of water, go with several layers of clothing, increase exercise and avoid getting wet in the rain, especially to prevent 

• In warm seasons is when more people are encouraged to make this activity (it is important to reserve time in case you want to go camping). In addition, follow as hydration habits, bring sunscreen and insect repellent, and above all respect the rules of each place.

• Make bonfires is very attractive, but make sure you do it in a place authorized to do so.

• Do not forget basic things like: tent, sleeping bag, mat, flashlight, water bottle, appropriate footwear, sunscreen, visor, comfortable clothing and something warm, waterproof, compass / GPS, drink, food preservation and processing easy ... etc.

Also, activities such as boating, hiking, playing an instrument, tell stories or cooperative games will do the rest for you to spend a day 
very satisfactory.

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