Marmot Women's Teton Down Sleeping Bag

Marmot Teton Sleeping Bag Women with women's specific design and feather filling. Perfect for alpine expeditions or adventures where you need maximum protection against the cold.

Sleeping bag specially designed for the feminine morphology. Saco built with high quality down with improved insulation in critical areas of heat loss such as hood and feet. Great for all kinds of activities in cold weather. 

• Band zipper anti-snag to not pinch the tissue 
• Padded cover strip: avoid heat dispersion 

• Thermal collar Padded belt allows the bag between the head and back by improving insulation. Closes clips thereby eliminating scratching usually Velcro face 
• parafrío Nautilus Hood: Hood anatomical and envelope to improve thermal insulation. The upper and lower strings for hood adjustment differ touch (one flat and the other round) to facilitate the choice of adjustment. 
• 2-way connectable zips: guarantee a prolonged duration and allow coupling two sleeping bags of the same model. For higher temperatures allows open foot area. The zipper can be opened easily from both inside and outside 
• Sharing of trapezoidal shaped feet: wider area toes and narrower in the heels, thereby adapting better to the shape of your feet and improving isolation 
• external access pocket slide 
• Heater pocket friendly in the area of ​​the foot 
• two outer rings on the feet to hang the bag for aerated 

Dimensions when open: 168cm 
Weight: 1.590gr. 

Maximum temperature: -8.1 degrees Celsius 
Comfort temperature:-9grados Celsius 
Minimum temperature: 35.7 degrees Celsius 

Outer material: 
100% nylon Double Micro RipstopWR/AC1.3oz/yd. Ripstop is a ripstop fabric that is reinforced with high strength wire. This gives an appearance of the fabric square, and stops if a power cut it to expand the rest of the bag. 

Inner material: 
Plain Weave 100% Nylon WR 1.3 oz / yd 

650 + Fill Power Duck Down (down filling) 
Filling weight: 876g 

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